How To Change a File’s Permissions

Sometimes you will have to change the permissions of a file. I had to do this recently to get an installation of WordPress blog to run. Here is how to change file permissions using cPanel:

  •     log into cPanel
  •     look for File Manager and follow the link
  •     you will get a window that says Please select a directory to open: and a number of options
  •     select Web Root (public_html/www)
  •     look at the far right column. It says Perms These are the file permissions for each file using the standard Unix file permissions numbering system
  •     click the permissions for the file you want to change you can edit it right on the web page
  •     click “OK”

In a nutshell, cPanel is giving you an easy interface for doing a chmod.
Unix and Unix-type file permissions appear quite cryptic at first but are easy to understand. More info at Linux File Permission Confusion and other sites you can google.

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